Testimonials - Espinosa Insurance Services


I want to give a shout out to the best insurance agent I have ever had. Thank you David Espinosa for calling to check on me and offering your help. This is also the guy that answered my phone call after 5pm on Christmas Eve when I had a question about if we needed rental car insurance during a vacation in NM. I appreciate you!!!!
- Kim

Thank you David! I can always count on you!
- Tony

"I've had the pleasure of working with David Espinosa for the past three years. He is detailed oriented, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. He responds to every question I have promptly and always comes up with the best insurance solutions for us. He is one of the best insurance agents I've ever worked with and I can't say enough good things about his level of service and commitment to his clients. He always goes the extra mile to make sure we have the coverage and rates we need. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much, David, for all your great work."---Florence
- Florence

Hi David,
I really appreciate it, outstanding customer service as always. Again sorry about calling on the weekend my schedule has been crazy lately.
- Jeff

Howard Lynch


We were away for a 2-week trip to visit family and friends on the west coast. We asked a neighbor to come in each day to water our plants and make sure everything was OK. We got the dreaded phone call on Sunday afternoon there was water -a lot of water. A toilet supply line had sprung a leak. She had turned off the water but what to do now? I called David Espinosa, my insurance agent, to let him know and see what his advice would be. When I explained the situation to him, he realized the need for quick attention and offered to go to my house immediately and assess the situation. I told him where the spare key was hidden and he got over there and confirmed that the cleanup needed to start right away. He called in folks from Blackmon Mooring and at midnight, started the process of getting the wet carpet pulled out and drying fans put in. I thought about flying home immediately, but instead, David emailed me pictures of the situation and we could tell that all that was needed was time for the drying to take place. So, I came home as planned the following weekend and everything was dry and ready for the repairs to start. It was clear to me that the physical damage was minimized by how quickly David was able to get the drying process started … which was clearly win/win none of my furniture was exposed to enough water to damage it, for example and there was minimal extraneous damage to dry wall, which meant less to repair!

When I moved into Cat Hollow, it was important to me to have a local insurance agent … and David Espinosa demonstrated exactly why! When I needed someone there, he was there!
You can certainly publish this with my name, and if anyone wants to call me to discuss this further, please invite them to do so!
- Howard

Thank you so much for taking your time on making this analysis. Very professional... I will let you know when this house is purchased.

- Luis

"My experience with David Espinosa has always been outstanding. When we first sat down to discuss a policy, he took his time to help me understand and choose between all of my options. Whenever I have a question or request of him, he is always prompt, thorough and thoughtful in his response. I recommend him without hesitation or condition."
- Nicole

I have known David Espinosa for three years. I have worked with David on a business as well as personal nature as far as insurance needs. I sold new home construction for Plantation Homes and handled the area of Brushy Creek in Round Rock. David called on me and discussed his ability to service my customers with homeowners insurance. I recommended David to my clients and without question; they were all satisfied with the service and product.
I then decided to give David a shot at my personal home, cars, and rental for my daughter at TAM. I have been very satisfied with the level of service and I also have been very pleased with the cost savings in comparison to my last carrier, State Farm.

I would recommend David Espinosa to anyone looking for good service and good product.
- David B

David is a tremendous insurance agent and great guy who will always go the extra mile for his clients and will always look out for their best interest. I've been a client of David's for several years now and have always received royal service as well as saved $. I have referred several of my own clients to David and know they feel the same. I highly recommend David Espinosa for all your insurance needs.
- David D

David Espinosa is a GREAT Insurance Agent. He is very detail oriented, and extremely personable, I believe he really cares for his customers, and always goes the extra mile to provide the best coverage options, without "over selling". We are very glad to have David as our Insurance Agent; and I would recommend his services to anyone without reservation.
- Pedro

This spring, I have recently had the true pleasure of receiving exceptional service from David Espinosa. I can easily speak directly to him about my needs, and his punctual action nets result. Genuine, honest and dedicated service is not a mere motto for David; it is his mirror reflection. As a dependable insurance agent, David is one who cares about you as a person, not as a number or a client. David s personal and sincere daily commitment equals a professional who is guaranteed reliable. His valued action has earned my respect and my business.
- Michael

I have known Mr. David Espinosa for almost 20 years but it was just this past year that I started using him for my insurance needs. I have been extremely happy with the services he has provided for me and my family. I have changed all of my insurances including cars, home, investment properties and business to his agency. My brother also uses David for his insurance needs and has been extremely happy with his services as well. I couldn’t have asked for a more honest, hard-working and knowledgeable professional to handle our insurance needs.
Thanks David for doing such a great job. I look forward to doing business with you in 2011 and beyond.
- Robert

The three qualities that describe David are honesty, dependability, and personable. David is always available for quick information or advice. David offers knowledgeable advice, and doesn't push you into anything you don't need. David is very easy to work with and gets on well with everyone he meets. He has been my agent for several years and I have been pleased with his speedy turnaround for any change requests or answers to questions asked.
- Peter

I am writing this letter to thank you for all you have done and continue to do for my clients. I never hesitate to refer my clients who are buying a home to you. I know you will follow-up with them, give them the best deal (not over insure or under-insure) and will walk them through step by step. Most of all, you are honest! You are a great asset to have on my team and I greatly appreciate all that you do
- Dannielle

David Espinosa has been my Home and Auto Insurance agent for several years. During this time period, my home and autos have received Texas Storm damage on several occasions. All damage claims have always been promptly attended to and damages repaired. At any point if I have had questions about my policies or coverage, David has always been right there to explain all of my options. I consider David Espinosa one of the most honest insurance agents in the business. I always know he will look after all my family's insurance needs.
- Cherie